Photography, video, dipped silicone.  

The word Swell has multiple meanings.  In slang term for the word “Swell” holds the suggestion that everything is going great, fine, very well, just swell.  Another meaning for the word Swell is that of soft round forms.  Swollen, distended, inflated, bulging, puffy or bloated are all adjectives describing that  which can be attributed human anatomy and organic forms.   The installation Swell seeks to address the ideas and perceptions of how we view shapes as well as how shapes are attributed to our bodies as they change or age and also how we seek to slow or stop the aging process.  Through her use of over 100 photographic images, Sanders digitally photographs and captures the amorphous shapes created by blown bubblegum as it is fully formed and as it is deflating.   Each bubblegum image is unique and isolated in its’ environment giving the impression of an anamorphic specimen..  At first sight, the bubblegum images appear to either be anatomical in reference or something of a biology experiment giving a sense of mystery.  Juxtaposed to the photographic images are sagging, slumping, wilted silicone forms meant to draw attention to the dichotomy between that which is full, plump or swollen in youth eventually begins to deflate, slump and wilt.  The combination of the photographic imagery, video, dipped and peeled silicone forms makes for an intriguing journey through the artists imagination and perceptions of form.